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Parachute tandem jump from 4000 meters

Treat yourself and your friends to an extreme experience, for example on birthdays or name days! What is Tandem Jumping?
The tandem parachute is a special parachute designed for the weight of two people. The tandem master and the passenger attached to his belly jump from 4,000 meters after falling for 60 seconds. one main and one spare umbrella, both the same size for safety. The system itself is absolutely safe!


For 1 jump

HUF 35,000 / jump

HUF 40,000 / jump

For 2-5 jumps

HUF 33,000 / jump

HUF 39,000 / jump

For 6-10 jumps

HUF 32,000 / jump

HUF 38,000 / jump

For 11 or more jumps

HUF 31,000 / jump

HUF 37,000 / jump


Without cameras

With camera recording for DVD


Aircraft type: Piper PA 28 and Apollo Fox "Lúcia"

Prices for walking flights:

On request, we fly to where the guest wishes.

Walking flight fee: HUF 1,400 / minute, for 3 people in total. (for 3 passengers: HUF 465 / person / minute)

  1. 15 minutes: 15,000.- Lúcia / 22,000.-
    Above Balaton, to the north, the Balatongyörök Keszthely mountain range

  2. 20 minutes: 19,000.- Lúcia / 28,000.- Piper
    Over Lake Balaton to the north, Badacsonyi volcano cone, Szigliget castle

  3. 25 minutes: 23,000.- Lúcia / 35,000.- Piper
    Over Balaton to the north, Badacsonyi volcanic cone, Szigliget castle, Szigliget bay, Keszthely mountains, Vonyarc, Gyenes, Keszthely beaches, Keszthely castle.

  4. 30 minutes: 27,000.- Lúcia / 42,000.-
    Fenékpuszta Roman ruins above the shores of Balaton, Keszthely harbor, Festetics castle, Keszthely mountains, Gyenes, Vonyarci, Györek beaches.

  5. 40 minutes: 35,000.- Lúcia / 56,000.- Piper
    as needed

  6. 50 minutes: 43,000.- Lúcia / 70,000.- Piper
    as needed

  7. 60 minutes: 49,000.- Lúcia / 84,000.- Piper 
    Flight around Balaton Fonyód, Siófok, Balatonkenese, Almadi, Tihany, Zánka, Káli Medence, Badacsony volcanic cone, Keszthely Castle, Hévíz lake.

We undertake air taxi within the country, e.g. Debrecen, Budapest, Győr, as well as abroad, e.g. Rijeka, Venice, Trieste, Vienna, London, Paris, etc. in this case, an additional landing fee must be paid at the relevant airport.

The airport is located in Balatonkeresztúr along the old route 7.


Chief pilot:
Andor Kántas
+36 209 788 571

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